Food & Wine Pairing Evenings

Clifton Sausage

We’re often asked for recommendations for wine and food pairing so for our next two wine tasting evenings we’re going to explore some great matches. There’s no previous wine tasting experience necessary and you can come to either or both tastings.

Friday 28th February 2020 – Classic Combinations

Join us for this fun and informative event where we will taste some classic food and wine pairings and find out why they work. Champagne and smoked salmon, steak and Malbec and lots more this evening of six great wines and accompanying small plates costs just £35 per person.

Thursday 26th March 2020 – Unusual Matches and Tricky Pairings

Just what goes well with chocolate and can you have white wine with cheese? We’ll explore some more unusual pairings and try some wines that go well with food that’s harder to find a match. Six delicious wines and accompanying small plates costs £35 per person.

The evenings start at 7.30pm

Vegetarian menu available on request

 Call 01179731192 to book your places